Exaltation Hunter Scavenger Hunt & Review

exaltation hunter


Fate is a twisted b*$#@, at least his was.

Was one soul worth the lives of millions? The quandary was one that Rydell King had no choice but to face. No matter the answer, the truth remained—innocence was created to destroy him. She was beautiful…extinguishing her to save his people seemed impossible, and maybe it was. As an immortal, his focus was to destroy the curse upon his people, as he devoured the emotion that bore him—exaltation, no matter the cost. She made him question everything.

Mercy had never been crueler.

This is stop 17 on the #Exaltation #ScavengerHunt!

Do you want to join the party and help celebrate the latest YA Romance from Jamie Magee? Here is the link to the madness: http://goo.gl/uEKsnE

Our letter is (N)

And our question is:
Do teasers for books torture you, or get you by until the release you have been waiting on is there?

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Amazing how this author writes her books and they intertwine beautifully. You can read this story as a stand alone, but I advise you read all of her series because you will get the true meaning for all these characters. From the beginning to the end, this story will have you glued to your seat until you finish the book. This story has everything you need to keep you entertained, action, romance, suspense, paranormal and heartbreak. You get into each characters mind and feel the emotions they go through. The love triangle that happens is unlike any other because the guy who isn’t the real connected soul to Raven knows he will have to give her up once her soul mate finds her. Rydell still hangs in until the very end and protects her, when he was the one who was suppose to be who ended her. This story ends at the right place and it isn’t a cliffhanger, but I really can’t wait to see what comes next for all these incredible characters. Loved this story and every story that I have read by this author, which I have read most.

**ARC given in exchange for honest review**

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  1. #ExaltationHunter If they are from the first book for a new upcoming series I find them entertaining, but they are torture if a series is already started and I’m SO dying to read the next installment!!!

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