Thank You For Your Support!!

Since I’ve been MIA with my dad, who passed away last weekend, I am going to keep these books on sale this weekend for the readers who have supported me. Please share with your friends. Thank you for all your support and prayers you’ve given me it means a lot. ❤ Make sure you read Last Heartbeat and The Life Gift before One More Life is released next month!!
All 3 books on ‪#‎sale‬ ‪#‎99cents‬. ‪#‎CR4U‬ ‪#‎amreading‬ ‪#‎RT‬
Last Heartbeat ‪#‎kindle‬
Last Heartbeat ‪#‎nook‬
The Life Gift #kindle
The Life Gift #nook
Sarah’s Premonition #kindle
Sarah’s Premonition #nook


Bloggers sign up now for One More Life (Last Heartbeat Series #3) book cover reveal!! #amreading #CR4U #RT #bloggers #books #reading #romance

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