Miles Apart!!

Once in awhile, we can be blessed with a friend you can count on to be there and listen, even if you are miles from each other.  I have been blessed with my friend, Author Elke Stevens.  As you all know and have read my previous post, I went through some tough times last year.  Elke was there for me, even while we are miles apart.  She listened, while I cried to her, and helped me to become stronger.  Her support kept me smiling when my days were dark and stormy.  God knew I needed a special friend to listen to me and He sent Elke into my life a few years ago.

Elke has been a true blessing to me in many ways.  First, I came across her through her wonderful stories (The Arash Series), and I messaged her to let her know how much I loved the stories.  That’s all it took to become friends with this wonderful person.  Second, we support each other in our writing journey, by encouraging each other and pushing each other to keep writing.  Yes, I encouraged Elke to write her newly released book Eviternity (An Arash Series Novel).  I was surprised by Elke when I received a package in the mail, and when I opened it, there was the book, I knew she could write.  Elke even dedicated the book to me, now you see why I love her so much. Thirdly, we have a lot in common since our kids (who are now adults) are the same age.  We really have stories to talk about when it comes to those young ones.

I can go on and on and on with the many reasons why I am blessed to know Elke Stevens, but I wanted to share her wonderful novels with you.  You will love her series as much as I do and while they are on sale, buy them.  Really buy these books, because they will have you glued to every page!!  To make it easy, I’ll add the link below.  Happy Reading Everyone!!!  Share Elke’s newly released novel, Eviternity.


Author Elke Stevens Amazon Page.

Click link to get your awesome books!!!

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