Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!!! Whether you are a new mother or have been a mother for a long time, Mother’s Day is just for you, so celebrate your day.  It is the one day of the year that you get recognized for all that you do for your children.  No matter how you have became a mother or just a mother to fur babies, you are a celebrated mother.

Everyday should be Mother’s Day, but we all know that will not happen.  Maybe it shouldn’t either, because we (mothers) may even take it for granted, and not do as good of a job being the mom.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to being a mom.  We get up everyday and make sacrifices for our children.  Some sacrifices are never known to our kids because they never need to know, that’s why we are the mother.

Have you hugged your mother lately? Better do it while you can because she will not always be there.  I am fortunate to still have my mother and my grandmother in my life.  I also have an aunt who acts as a mother.  Just say I am blessed with three mothers in my life.  Not everyone is that blessed and I am thankful for the time I get with them.  My kids are even blessed because these wonderful ladies step up and help them too.

My prayer for all who reads this…God continue to keep blessing the Mothers and help them through all things raising their children.  Please God, keep watching over the Mothers, and guiding them on the right paths of motherhood.  Heavenly Father, keep the Mothers in Your hands everyday, especially when she struggles in life and raising those children.  May God help heal the broken bonds between a Mother and her child and make their relationship whole again.   Please Father, guide the Mother when she struggles financially and barely is able to feed her babies (no matter how old they are).  May God heal the Mothers who are sick and unable to be the Mother she longs to be, just for her children.  Heavenly Father, not all Mothers are the loving kind, but with your guidance, you can show them the way just open their eyes and show them how to be the greatest Mother of all.  Thank you sweet Jesus for always being there for the precious Mothers and always answering prayers when prayed too.

Go and enjoy your Happy Mother’s Day.  I have already hugged my mother, have you?  Enjoy some photos of my family!!!  I am blessed!!


My mom is on the left, my granny and my aunt…my three moms.



My two babies (AKA young adults),  Nicholas is in the back and Timothy is up front.   These boys are what makes my life happy.


As a mother, one of the best days you can have is when your son, gives his life over to God.  This when Timothy got baptized the old fashion way in a stream by the road.  He wanted Dave (my boyfriend who is a preacher) to baptize him.  This day was a blessing to all of us!!!!!!  A day I am sharing with you.  God is good and still moving in lives.  Don’t let troubles and trials get you down, just look up to heaven and let His light shine down on you.



Once again I am blessed with another mother in my life, Dave’s mom.  She has a heart of gold and loves me just as I am and I love her too.



Can’t forget my fur baby, Max!!!


Now go hug your Mother and if you haven’t gotten her anything yet, you better hurry and get on it!!!!


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Happy Mother’s Day to all!!!!  Love to hear from you about your mother or your special plans for Mother’s Day.  Leave your comment below……

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