Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who have been there for their children.   The dads who stepped up and took care of other dad’s kids, are special dads.  My hope is that every dad has a special day on Father’s Day.  If your dad is still with you, take a moment to thank him for being your dad on Father’s Day and everyday.


Not all dads can be celebrated on Father’s Day because they are no longer with us, but take a moment and think about him this day.  My dad is one who is in heaven with Jesus and although I miss him, I would rather him to be with Jesus.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!  One day, when it’s time for me to come to heaven, I’ll get to see you again and that day will be celebrated forever.


Happy Father’s Day to my husband, Dave!! You have stepped into your role as a dad and have been exceptional role model to our boys.  You came into their lives when they were older, but you’ve quickly showed them love and a godly influence they needed.  Thank you, for all you do for us and allowing us to be truly loved by you.


Happy Father’s Day to my youngest son, Timothy!! Your baby boy will soon be here and I know you’ll love him with all your heart.  Always allow God to lead you in your role model as a dad and you’ll never go wrong.  I look forward to seeing you as dad and watching you grow into the father, I know you’ll become.


Happy Happy Father’s Day!!

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