Time – Confusion – Revival

  One thing is for certain time happens.  Everyday time goes by and things you want to do somehow gets behind.  Daily you try your best to get all the task you set out to do, but somehow time is too fast, and the day is over in a blink of an eye.  Now that it’s been almost four years since I published a book, I hope my fans are patiently waiting on the next one, at least I’m praying they are.  Like time that goes by, I have finished the last book in Last Heartbeat Series and will be released soon.  This book is the prequel and the name is Gabriel’s Many Gifts.   If you’ve read Last Heartbeat Series, you know who Gabriel is, but if you haven’t, now is the time to read the series before upcoming release, to be caught up.  This will be the last book in the series.  It’s sad that it’s coming to an end, but I have new ideas and stories that I need to write and yes, I’ve already began writing my next book.  They are wanting to be written so bad and I’m writing them as fast as time allows.  I write clean romance stories and I’m planning on writing christian romance next,  plus an autobiography that I want to write.  I’m praying for God’s guidance.  I always want to write, so I can share Him with each of my readers.  Each day, if time allows me, I will continue to write, little by little, and maybe sooner rather than later, my readers will get the finished novel they patiently been waiting on.


 As I continue my journey writing, I plan on writing under my new name.  Hopefully my new name will not cause confusion, and that it will be an easy transformation from T R Lykins to Tina Stewart.  If you left a review under T R Lykins, it probably will be taken down, and if you would please leave another under Tina Stewart, I’d appreciate it!! Confusion may keep past readers from keeping up with what’s next in my writing journey.  Who knows, the new name and book covers will bring old and new readers to read my stories in the future. Please understand the name change happened when I got married to my wonderful husband.  One thing about my husband, I’m not confused about why he’s in my life, it’s because God sent me a blessing, just when I needed it.


 Revival happens when old things are revived.   All my books are revived with beautiful new covers and I can’t wait to show the newest covers.  With revival of these new covers, my husband and I plan on attending author signings in the future.   This will all happen as soon as time allows it, and the next part of our journey will be with all of you.  Hope you all enjoy the new covers as much as I do!! Can’t wait until every gets to hear Gabriel’s story!!

Hope you love Gabriel’s Many Gifts’ book cover below!!

By the way check out Gabriel’s Many Gifts’ book trailer!!


Last Heartbeat Series


The Life Gift_ebook



Coming soon….




Click here to watch Gabriel’s Many Gifts Book Trailer

Stand Alone Novel


Sarah's Premonition_ebook


Sure hope everyone enjoys reading my stories and the new book covers.  Can’t wait to share Gabriel’s story with everyone.  Thanks for keeping up with me over the last four years.  Without the readers, I wouldn’t be able to finish writing my stories and sharing them with the world.   Stay tuned because Gabriel’s Many Gifts is coming soon!!




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