Meet Gabriel Ryan

After a long time of not publishing a book, I’m happy to say Gabriel’s Many Gifts is officially finished and is now available for purchase.  Buy links provided at bottom of page.

Let’s get to know Gabriel Ryan a little bit.  You will get his full story in Gabriel’s Many Gifts.  First of all, have you read the other Last Heartbeat series books?  If not I advise you to read those books in the series first. This is how to read them so you will be prepared for Gabe’s story.   Last Heartbeat is the first book in the series, the second book is The Life Gift and third is One More Life. Although Gabriel’s Many Gifts is a prequel, I recommend you to read the books in order as I wrote them.

Now let’s get back to Gabe’s story.  Gabe is the older brother of Phillip Ryan and he loves to play football and surf.  He is a well-loved guy in high school and stands up for his friends. Gabe hates bullies but loves the beach.  He has everything going for him but what if he could plan for the future at a young age? His planning is what sets the storyline of the whole Last Heartbeat Series.  It was his planning that lives would be changed for so many and for some he never knew. What if you could be like Gabe and do what he did in planning for the future? Who knows what will happen and the lives that could be changed?  Are you up for the challenge that may set the future for so many as Gabe did? Even at the end of his story, Gabe continues to set his future and make changes that he himself will always be grateful for. Now if you want to read Gabriel’s full story, be sure to get your copy of Gabriel’s Many Gifts that is now available for purchase.

Below is the link to purchase Gabriel’s Many Gifts and all of the Last Heartbeat Series!!!  Give Gabe the support he deserves because he gave so much of himself to everyone. Happy reading and may God bless your journey in this life.

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Buy Kindle EBook Here!

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I hope everyone is as excited as I am for Gabriel’s Many Gifts release!!!

If you haven’t read Last Heartbeat Series yet, you can purchase those books below.


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Thanks to all of you who read my stories!!!

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