It’s MEMORIAL DAY weekend already!

Okay! Why is it already the end of May of 2020?  It was just yesterday that the new year began and I had released a new book, Gabriel’s Many Gifts, right?  For some reason, this year has few by, but then again, what a year we’ve already endured.  Like so many out there, this year has been a rough year so far and the Covid19 virus has turned everyone’s lives upside down and it’s still causing major problems for so many.  Everything that’s been going on is like a dystopian book and when will it end.  My heart truly goes out to everyone and I pray this nightmare is over real soon so we can go back to our normal lives.  But what will our normal lives be when all is said and done? That sure is something to think about isn’t it?

How many of you have had to stay at home?  I have been working my day job the whole time, but for several weeks it’s been at home.  This year has took a toll on me and for some reason my immune system decided to be out of whack that I catch everything easily, but I am slowly feeling like me again.  The first months of this year I’ve been sick and I am just getting back to being myself.  I still have my good days and bad, but with God’s help, I will be fine.  I’m thankful I have a job that will let me work from home so I can recover.  I sure hope you all are well and staying safe right now.

This year will go down in the record books for sure.  I mean the next few months really can’t be as bad as the first of the year, can it?  I believe, if everyone would turn to Jesus and pray that things would turn around.  God has been waiting on us to cry out to Him during this time and now is the time to pray.  Maybe we will never go back to our old normal, but a brand new normal that will be even sweeter.

Since I’ve had a rough few months this year, I haven’t gotten to write.  I started my next book and wrote several chapters, but the world went crazy and I haven’t felt like writing.  Sometimes I try to write but my energy level drops and it’s difficult.  So much has happened this year that  went past and I even forgot to celebrate.  Last Heartbeat had a six year birthday in March.  Mother’s Day couple weeks ago, so Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!  How is it already Memorial Day Weekend already?  I mean this year has flown by and now June will be here soon.  Happy Memorial Day to all who have served and still serving so we all can be safe and free.  Thank you all for all you have done and will do!

Today is the first time that I wrote in about six months.   I was reading the words I wrote in my new book, and those words reminded me how much I love to write.  Soon I will write again and I look forward to finishing my next book because it is something dear to my heart, plus I want to share it with my readers.  How many of you have read my last book, Gabriel’s Many Gifts?  If you have read it, please leave some good reviews for me, I really appreciate your reviews.  Looking for something to read during this Covid19 virus, make sure you check out All My Books.  Reading them will make you feel better because my stories always have a happy ending.

As you all know, about five years ago, my life took a different route that lead me to my new future.  If you need to catch up, go to my Past Post and read My Back Post.  Anyway, I am blessed with my husband, Dave, my handsome two sons, a sweet daughter in law, my sweet grandson, and a sweet new girlfriend of my oldest son.  Yes, I am blessed for sure!  With everything in the world, upside down, I have so much to be thankful for and there will be a praise once all is better, and even if it’s not, than a praise will always be one my lips for my Jesus.  Life is so much sweeter and more peaceful, if you know my Jesus.

So keep your head held high and keep on fighting the good fight during this time.  We all struggle through life from time to time, but make sure you never give up.  There is always something good that will come out of the storms of life.  God Bless You All!!

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