Humble, honored, loved

In my many years on this earth, never in my life would I ever think I’d be a pastor’s wife. Well today I am just that, a pastor’s wife. My husband David and I have been going to various churches to evangelize and fill in when needed. We were called to a church called White Lick Baptist in Berea, KY. When we arrived to that church, we were welcomed with opened arms from the church family and were made to fill right at home. Little did we know that we would be coming back often over the past several months and knowing they were looking for a pastor, they asked us would we be interested, of course we said yes and we would pray if it was God’s will we be honored. It took several months, but God opened this sweet church to us and they voted us to be pastor and pastor’s wife.

My husband and I are humbled to be apart of this church and the be apart of this church family. Our hearts are full joy and we both are excited for this journey that God placed us on and plan to seek God for guidance everyday to do His will for Him and the church. We have been to many churches but felt at home the first day we walked through the doors. We want to share this experience with everyone who walks through the doors of the White Lick Baptist Church and let God’s love be felt. Our goal is to reach a lost soul and let them know our Lord Savior and feel the love He has to offer.

Many people are walking around this earth searching for something they don’t even know what. They feel lonely, down, sad, depressed, out of place, no where to turn to, anxiety, hopelessness, empty inside, and eyes blinded by the truth. So many people are walking around not knowing what they need or are seeking. God put us on this earth to be servants for Him and to praise Him. Our eyes are closed to the truth until the Holy Spirit leads them to a repentance prayer and only when that person is honest, asking for forgiveness of their sins and turning away from their fleshly lives will their eyes be opened to what they need and learn the truth meaning of life. Once the eyes are opened and the heart is free from the sins, you begin a new life and turn away from fleshly ways. As a new Christian freed from the weight of sin, you will need a place to learn more about your Heavenly Father and that’s where you find how to grow in the Lord. Some churches can be miss leading, but find a church that your soul will draw you too and seek God’s guidance where you need to be at attendance regularly. Until you find that home church you are looking for, you can watch Dave preach on White Lick Baptist Church Facebook or our Youtube pages. Make sure you like and subscribe to the pages to be alerted when new post are available. We strongly recommend you to find a home church that is full of love and that is lead by the Holy Spirit.

We look forward to see what God has in store for the church and pray that everyone who comes into it, feels the love of Christ. The love of Jesus Christ is the greatest love of all and once you receive it there is no other love that ever compares to it. May God bless each who takes a moment to read this blog post and may He move your heart closer to Him. Today is the day of repentance and love!

Stay tuned for future updates for up coming books I am writing, which is going to be Christian Romance. Remember my current books are Clean Romance with happily-ever-after endings.

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