Author’s Who Inspire Me

~~~  Authors  ~~~

These authors are all marvelous.  If you haven’t read any of the novels that these authors have written, you are missing out on the incredible words and worlds that they all have created.  Please show these fabulous authors some love and read the stunning novels they have written.  Each and everyone of these wonderful authors are geniuses in their on way.  These authors are from my wide range of genre’s that I love.  Enjoy!!!


Julie Cassar

AJ Lape

Christie Anderson

Richelle Mead

Tess Oliver

Tonya Kappas

Fabio Bueno

M.r. Polish

Laura Howard

Shelly Crane

Brenda Pandos

Breeana Puttroff

Jamie Magee

Jennifer L Armentrout

Jessica Park

Sophie Jordan

Sophie Kinsella

Chelsea Fine

Wendy Owens

Melissa Turner Lee

Pauline Creeden 

CR Everett

JL Brooks

JD Nelson

Eliza Gordon

Kelley Grealis

Colleen Hoover

Elke Stevens

Cynthia D Witherspoon



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