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Waking up with a feeling of dread, Sarah Lynn Dean attempts to go on with her day. Getting closer to her destination she is overwhelmed with such feelings of pain and sadness. It causes her to make a spur of the moment decision. A decision that not only changes her course but her life forever.


One day can change forever.

Adam Castiel Parker is stunned by the beautiful stranger. Compelled to follow her, he must find out who she is. Before he takes his next step the loud noise behind him steal his attention. Turning to find the source, he loses the beautiful stranger.


Will she be lost forever? Will he ever be able to thank her for the gift she gave to him without even knowing?


Never to be forgotten.


Sarah must learn that life must go on even on darkest of days. A day that irrevocably changes the world!


Check This Article Out!! Last Heartbeat Is Mention In USA Today!!

See this is what I needed today. My book Last Heartbeat is mentioned in USA Today!! They did a interview with my narrator of the audiobook. Brings tears of joy!!!

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Last Heartbeat & The Life Gift is now live!

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That Time With Sugar Blog Tour

OUAA synopsis
“Sugar, Jules and I had run for our lives. Only our shadows had followed us. And no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t outpace them.”

All-around bad boy, and twenty-five-year-old heir to the Jameson fortune, Tommy Jameson, knows three things:
– His family is disappointed in him.
– Overcoming his addictions won’t necessarily crush his vices.
– He is wildly in love with Sugar Scarborough, a girl who is dealing with her own addictions and an insatiable need to please.

Danger sends Tommy, Sugar and their friend, Julian Fitzpatrick, a heavily medicated, socially dysfunctional genius, fleeing from Green Willow Recovery Center. Now, together, they will face the outside world and uncover a horrifying mystery while being forced to confront their inner demons

ThatTimeWithSugarTease5 ThatTimeWithSugarTease6
This is another fabulous read by Tess Oliver. I’m a big fan of her books and writing style. This story is unlike any other I’ve read of hers. It takes you on a journey about three friends who find themselves into a sticky mess. When you think you realize what is going on, you’re wrong because there is another twist and many turns that gets you to the end. This is a must read story and you’ll not be disappointed. Pick up this book and you’ll be hooked until the end. I loved the connection between the characters, Tommy, Sugar and Julian. Glad to see they found their own place in the world.
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Tess Oliver is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Freefall.

She is a former teacher, who now dedicates her morning caffeine rush to writing romance instead of teaching math and reading. Tess lives in California, the land of perpetual sunshine and traffic, with her husband, kids and five dogs. She is a longtime romance junkie, who likes her hero to be an alpha with a twist of compassion and if he has long hair and rides a horse or a motorcycle all the better. She writes young adult, new adult and adult romance in both contemporary and historical settings. When she’s not reading or writing romance, she can be found hiking, vacuuming up dog hair or baking goodies for her family.

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Roanoke Author Invasion

Have you bought your tickets to RAI?  Roanoke Author Invasion Saturday April 11, 2015


Roanoke, VA

Check us out on this featured post with some other amazing Authors!

Robbed of Soul Blog Tour Guest Post

For many authors, the setting of their book is just as
important as one of the main characters. The setting creates the
mood, influences characters’ behavior, affects dialog, adds an emotional
response,  and plays a part in the plot
of a story. The setting can be a friend to the protagonist, an antagonist (think Hemingway and the
sea), and even a mentor.
In my latest mystery, Robbed
of Soul
, the setting is both friend and foe. The book begins in solitary
confinement in Tehran. (Definitely an antagonist.) Then the setting moves to
Kanab, Utah, where my protagonist finds healing in her small-town surroundings (after solving both a modern-day murder and one that occurred 100 years ago.)
I set my book in Kanab because I needed an area with wonderfully
rich scenery to contrast the earlier setting of solitary confinement. Kanab
is also full of legends and myths, which complemented the  mystery and eeriness of my plot.
Here are a few things to think about to increase the characterization
of your setting:
  • add
    specific, unique
    details of the area (even down to using actual names and locations)
  • mirror or contrast the mood of the plot with the setting of a chapter or
  • as you write, think of your setting in terms of “having a personality”    

What are some of your favorite books? Can you recall
the setting in them?  Probably. That’s part
of the reason they are  your
favorites. So give it a try. Take a little time and think about your setting in
the book you’re writing. Can you make it into another character? One that
influences your protagonist for good or evil?

Do you like books? Do you like Zions National Park? Join
the ROBBED OF SOUL book launch giveaway and you may win 3 nights in a
vacation townhome in Kanab, Utah.
(Thirty minutes from Zions.) A $450 value! (Or a $100 Amazon gift card if preferred.) 


but psychologically damaged from a failed mission, ex-CIA officer Maria Branson
takes the job of police chief in the quiet town of Kanab, Utah. Rest and
relaxation are the doctor’s orders. She gets neither. Instead, a missing mayor,
the spirit of a dead Aztec warrior, and the over-confident-yet-attractive head
of Search and Rescue await her in a town whose past has almost as many secrets
as her own. As Maria investigates a modern-day murder, she disturbs a world of
ancient legends and deadly curses. Yet most lethal of all is Maria’s fear
someone will discover just how empty her soul really is.


Available at AmazonSmashwords, and Google Play.


Photos from some of my adventures in Kanab

A fun shot during a photo shoot for the cover.

We didn’t end up using it, but just look at the background! What a settting!


Real pictographs at Moquith Mountain, one of  the

places in “Robbed of Soul.”


Overlooking an amazing canyon, 20 minutes north of Kanab.
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