Questions & Answers

These are questions my fans have asked and I have answered.

First question: Why did you change your name?

When I first started my writing journey, I was someone else.   I went through a valley and lost who I was, and on my journey to find myself again, I found my Lord.  After much prayer, the Lord sent me a wonderful husband who is a preacher.  We dated for awhile and one day he asked me to marry him and I said yes.  He begin to encourage me to start writing again and so now, I’ve decided to change my author name from T R Lykins to my new name Tina Stewart.  Having my husband’s support has been the most amazing part of my journey and I’m thankful the Lord has blessed me.

Second Question: Is there a reason you choose to write clean romances. When so many people are into the “50 shades” types of stories these days. Isn’t it a gamble?

Yes is is a gamble. I chose to write clean romance because teenagers like to read too. The world has enough of bad influences in it so if I can be an inspiration to them than I will. I plan on keeping all my stories clean so everyone has a choice to read something that is romance but not steamy. My couples do have heated scenes but you never get more than that. I focus on the real storyline in my books and not add the sex scenes or any bad language, no need to be added if the story is strong enough. I will continue to keep my stories clean because I do have readers who are happy to read clean stories and have quit reading the books that are hot and steamy. Yes I have read the hot and steamy books, but I skip those parts because they are unnecessary to the storyline.

Third Question: Might you like to write different genres or would that be to scary?

I do have a paranormal story that will be written in the future. No known date, because I have three I have waiting to be written now. This paranormal will also be clean.

Fourth Question: Who influenced the most with your writing and why?

All the author’s that are on my webpage influenced me in many different ways. That is why they are there. From their many kind and helpful words to their awesome writing skills, they are a part of why I loved reading and started this journey to writing.

Fifth Question: How old were you when you had your first book published?

A lady doesn’t tell her age but my first book was published this year. Let’s just say I stop counting my age at 21 and it has been more than that when I stopped counting.

Sixth Question: Do you ever ask your readers if there is anything that they feel needs changed or twerked in the books?

It is always overwhelming when I send out my books to my beta readers and editor. They help me in my changes and my editor is a critic and tells me like it is. She knows how to help make changes without taking away my word meaning and she is a fan of my work, that also helps.

Seventh Question: What book that you have read, hit you the most deeply (you felt more emotion, really moved you)?

I have two. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover and Taking Chances by Molly McAdams. Taking Chances will forever make me cry just thinking about it. Maybe Someday will forever move my heart because of the situation between the two main characters, plus I can’t hardly listen to the soundtrack without thinking of the book.

Eighth Question: How did you get into writing and what do you do if you hit a block?

My love of books got me interested in writing and I have never read about anything like my books I have written.  I guess to have these stories out I had to write them. If I get a writers block my favorite thing is take a small break and work in my flower garden. It is peaceful and clears my mind so I can come up with different angles for my books.

Hope everyone enjoys my answers and finds them helpful in getting to know me. Love getting to know readers and future readers of my stories.  Ask more questions in the comments below and when I get time, I will try and answer them.

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