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Merry Christmas And God Bless All!!!

Wait!!! How did it get to be Christmas so fast??  Really it was just spring, yesterday…right?  I hope everyone had an incredible spring, summer, and fall! I’m still here and haven’t run off anywhere….but sometimes, I sure feel like it.  My summer was amazing…

New Release!!

Look What’s New by Author Elke Stevens!! Everyone has their own quirks but fourteen-year-old Phoebe and sixteen-year-old Lucian certainly have more than most. Drawn together by their mutual loneliness and their diametrically opposed characters they are lured to the strange island of Ravenala where…

Free For Two Days!!

Two Day #free #sale!!! Get the complete series for free now!! #paranormal #youngadult #romance Arash Shadow Hunt #1 http://ow.ly/Wiv6P Raytara-Judgement of the Stars #2 http://ow.ly/Wivc0 Tasagalt-Cross of the South #3 http://ow.ly/WivhP Jhanmar-World Travelers #4 http://ow.ly/WivlP

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