Book Cover Release!!! Stealing Light by Julie Cassar

Who is excited to get their hands on this book???

Me that’s who!!

Love all the books I have read by this incredible author, and she is one of my inspiration authors.

She has introduced me to the world of reading by her captivated stories which inspired me to write my own. Julie Cassar is amazing all around, and she is a special person in real life also.

Stealing Light is her up coming release.

Check out her Ruby Blue Series before Stealing Light comes out.  Don’t miss reading all about Ruby Blue’s adventures!!






“Tonight, everything could change. I wasn’t ready to let go of anyone just yet.”

If you could change what you know is coming, would you? Cecelia Walker discovers an amazing ability deep within herself that gives her the power to change the future. When mysterious outsiders enter her life, she begins to question everything and everyone she once knew.

Years earlier, CeeCee’s life changed forever the day her parents were killed in a horrific car accident. Suddenly extraordinary people and bizarre events began to seep into her very small world. Surviving for years on her addiction to coffee and running, life suddenly deals her a game-changing wildcard and all bets are off. Her magnificent Gift of Light awakens a tremendous dark power wanting to steal what is hers.

Will Cecelia be able to change what she’s seen and set a new course? Has she met her otherworldly match against evil and found her true soul mate? Or, is nothing is as it seems as the power of darkness threatens to consume her and those she loves.

Go check out Julie Cassar on these pages and buy her books!!!


Julie Cassar’s Amazon Author Page


Julie Cassar’s Website


Julie Cassar’s Goodreads 

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