HAPPY 2015

As 2015 begins, I personally want to thank each of my family, friends, and readers for making 2014 incredible.  Special thanks to my PA, Sarah Long, who helps me everyday in many ways and I love her for believing in me.  My street team also makes my writing journey that much easier and I love them for all that they do.  My first book in the Last Heartbeat Series was released in March 2014.  The second book, The Life Gift, was released in September 2014.  Each of you started this journey with me and I am honored to have you in my writing world.

My book, Last Heartbeat, was suppose to be a stand alone book, but when I finished the first book, one of the characters said “I need my story to be told and you must write it”.   I had to listen to this character and that is how, The Life Gift, was brought to life.  While I was finishing The Life Gift, another story came to me, which isn’t apart of the Last Heartbeat Series, so I had to write this story after I finished my second book, The Life Gift.  I dreamt about Sarah’s Premonition and as soon as I woke up, I quickly wrote down the idea.  Sarah’s Premonition bugged me until it was written and I wrote it in seventeen days.

After finishing Sarah’s Premonition, I had two more characters from Last Heartbeat Series too tell me that their story needs written and now I am getting ready to write these two character’s story.  When I have these complete, Last Heartbeat Series will have four books total.  This series started from one story and will end as four.  This journey started from 2014 and in 2015, we will see what happens with each new story I write for my many readers who follow me.

I am excited about what 2015 has to hold for my many stories.  Sarah’s Premonition will be out late January.  Last Heartbeat and The Life Gift will be out in audiobook in late March.  My next two books in the Last Heartbeat Series will be coming soon.  Since it is a New Year, I will give you the names of those books of Last Heartbeat Series to come.  One More Life (Last Heartbeat Series #3) and Gabriel’s Many Gifts (Last Heartbeat Series #4) will be out spring and summer of 2015, that is my goal.

I hope many blessing for each of you who reads this post.  May 2015 be the year, you follow your dreams and make them happen.  Only you can make your dreams come true.  Happy reading!!



Coming Soon!!

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  1. Thanks for the donations to the blog party release night. Super sweet. Your novels sounds so intriguing. Adding to my TBR. Thanks for spreading the book love!

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