Sign Ups for Sarah’s Premonition Release Day Event/Review

Sarah Premonition_Final ebook

Waking up with a feeling of dread, Sarah Lynn Dean attempts to go on with her day. Getting closer to her destination she is overwhelmed with such feelings of pain and sadness. It causes her to make a spur of the moment decision. A decision that not only changes her course but her life forever.

One day can change forever.

Adam Castiel Parker is stunned by the beautiful stranger. Compelled to follow her, he must find out who she is. Before he takes his next step the loud noise behind him steal his attention. Turning to find the source, he loses the beautiful stranger.

Will she be lost forever? Will he ever be able to thank her for the gift she gave to him without even knowing?

Never to be forgotten.

Sarah must learn that life must go on even on the darkest of days. A day that irrevocably changes the world!

teaser for sarah's premonition

Are you interested in participating in the Release Day Event of TR Lykins new book Sarah’s Premonition on Jan 30, 2015? Review opportunites are also available for a two week tour. Please contact me if you have any questions, but otherwise fill out the google document so I can send out the packets within the next week or so.
Sarah Long ~ PA to Author TR Lykins

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